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This devotion guide is designed especially for your use during your walk with Christ. The subjects for each week include devotions on faith, hope, love, generosity, and thanksgiving. I am convinced that your journey of faith will be a time of incredible spiritual growth. When we begin to pray, give, and sacrifice, we grow. These devotions are an important part of that opportunity for maturity in each of our lives. We want God’s word to be at the center of our faith and prayer. We want God’s direction to be the single motivation for our gifts and sacrifices. These devotions will help you, as an individual or as a family, to personally discover God’s direction in His Word. It is our desire for God’s Word to be at the center of our relationship with Christ.


I am delighted to highly recommend to you the book, Dynamic Devotions, by my dear personal friend Mike Sanders. The Open Door Church of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania has a history of solid Bible teaching. Mike continues that standard with in-depth truth from Gods Word to feed the flock of God. Week after week, from this historic pulpit, he proclaims the riches of the Bible. In his time of study and reflection Pastor Sanders has developed a walk with God and the pages of this devotional book reflect his approach of living dynamically for Jesus Christ. Each devotional presents truth that has been prayed over with a practical approach on how to live out our faith. I am blessed to welcome this volume by a strong student of the Bible and am looking forward to making it a part of my devotional life. It is my opinion that this is the first of many articles and books that will come from the pen of a man totally committed to the scriptures. Thank
you, Pastor Mike Sanders for this volume to help all of us grow our faith.

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