God is Always at Work Even When You Do Not Know It

God is always at work! He moves in ways we do not comprehend. In the ancient Biblical story of Esther a most intriguing and fascinating narrative unfolds. A Jewish queen in a Persian empire and a wicked Persian king set the stage for one of the most challenging stories in ancient literature. The theme of this historical book usually surrounds Esther but the more this writer investigates the book there is a greater purpose. God is always at work even when we do not know it. God’s name is not mentioned in the book. Yet His presence and leadership is all through the book. When you and I face difficult challenges in life we may sense that God is not working and perhaps we wonder if he even cares. The story of Esther is one of the most comforting of Biblical books as the reader begins to sense the unique work of God. God not only cares but he is orchestrating events behind the scene. I pray that on finishing this volume readers will love and admire the God of Scripture in a new way. Often studies on Esther major on the characters. From the arrogant king to the magnificent queen there is intrigue and mystery. One person is unnamed. He is orchestrating the entire episode. He is the Almighty God.

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