Breaking the Barrier to Faith

By: Pastor Mike Sanders

Are you facing a situation that demands an immediate decision, but you are unsure about what direction to take?  Perhaps there has been a sudden change in your life, and you are wondering what to do next.

One thing remains right in your life; God has a plan for your life.  If you trust Him, He will make a way for you through even the darkest of times.

Many barriers exist in our lives that keep us from having faith in God when we don’t understand our circumstances.   These barriers are the same barriers that Moses faced when God called out to Moses on the backside of the desert.  What are these barriers that limit our faith to trust God in the darkest days of our lives?


When God extended his call upon Moses he was communicating to Moses that he believed in Moses.   But Moses struggled with this calling because he thought he was incapable of doing the job.  Therefore, Moses began to list to God all his excuses on why he could not do the job.  Moses struggled with insecurities, because of his past failures.  The call upon Moses was not a knew call, but a call he was running from.

Do you feel insecure about what God is asking you to do?  Do you allow your past failures to limit your life?

God has a strategy to overcome insecurities in your life.  Step one is to quit comparing yourself with other people.   When we compare ourselves we are telling God that we know ourselves better than he knows us.  God knows our strengths and weaknesses alike.

Step two find your confidence in Christ.  We need real security in our lives. Jesus is our security. The Bible Says, “I can do all things through Christ.”

Step three recognize God as the one who will provide for you.  He is the source of our strength.    When we feel insufficient, he is sufficient.  When we feel overwhelmed, he will help us overcome.


Moses lacked faith because he was ignorant of who God is and what he can do.  Ignorance limits our life especially when it comes to spiritual matters.

What should we do?

Begin to seek God’s face on an intimate level.  The more we know him, the more we will know what he can do in us and through us.  How big is your problem?  I assure you God is bigger than our problems.

Also, we should be willing to step out by faith with obedience to God.  As your knowledge of God increases you will sense more confidence in him and will be more willing to obediently step out in faith for God in your life.


Sin can be a devastating barrier in our life.  Therefore, let us be proactive in removing the barrier of our iniquities.  How do we do that?

First we must confess our sin.  The bible teaches very clearly that when we are honest with God and confess our sin he will forgive us.  As God speaks to our hearts about our failures, don’t argue or deny his truth. Merely humble yourself before his presence and make things right with him.

Second we must forsake our sin.  That means to not engage in the sinful deed or thought anymore.  Build protective walls in your life that help you to forsake sin in our lives.

Finally, we must put our sin behind us.  I meet so many people who are still carrying the guilt of their sin with them even though they are forgiven.  Quit beating yourself over the head with guilt once you are forgiven.

If God does not remember our sin why do we?  If God is not bringing up our sin that he has forgiven why are we?  Today make a commitment to enjoy the forgiveness of God.

As we close I want to remind us that we can break the barrier to faith in our lives.  The goal of faith is to teach us to trust God for who he is, not what he provides.

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