Be a Peacemaker Not a Troublemaker

By Pastor Mike Sanders

The mark of a mature Christian is to be a peacemaker and not a troublemaker. When we come to James chapter, four that is precisely the situation that James is dealing with in verse one, “where do wars and fights come from among you…” There was conflict within the church, and he is challenging God’s people to be peacemakers rather than troublemakers.

When we are called to be peacemakers, we are commanded in two different ways to be peacemakers. First and foremost to make peace with God. We need to get our hearts right with the Lord Jesus Christ, and then we need to make peace with one another. James mainly is focusing on us getting things right with God because he knows that at the heart of all conflict is pride. James does not want there to be conflict because he knows a battle is not God’s will for the church but instead he wants there to be peace. He wants God’s people to work hard at making peace. Now the devil always tries to lead us astray, and he is “…a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour…” He’s still trying to cause problems with others and is always working to cause issues with our Savior in our relationship with him.

We come to verse six, and this is where we are to focus on making peace with God and to restore our relationship with God. What I find so interesting in this passage is that James is not worried about offending people. He’s already boldly calling them adulterers in the sense that they are practicing spiritual unfaithfulness to God. The Apostle doesn’t shrink back from the role and responsibility of telling God’s truth. The beautiful thing about James is he does not leave us hanging with condemnation but admonishes us to get our hearts right with Jesus. He says let me help you to get right with God and to follow what is required of us for him. It is always God’s plan that God’s people would be victorious over the world, the flesh and the devil.

Remember the Scriptures teach us, “…we are more than conquerors…” The Bible teaches us that we are to live a victorious Christian life. James lays out for us a cure for worldliness in our hearts. The ordained way is that we are to receive God’s grace. The Bible says in James 4:6, “…that he gives more grace. Therefore, he says God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.” Underscore two phrases, “…he gives more grace…” and “…he gives grace to the humble.” These words are important at the outset if we are going to come back to God that we receive his grace. These are sweet words in the Scriptures they are to bring great peace to our hearts to know that God is offering us his grace. Every believer is the special object of God’s grace. When you think about the wonderful truth that we are saved by the grace of God. The Bible teaches us “For by grace are you saved through faith that not of yourselves it is a gift of God not of works lest any man should boast.” Here is a beautiful truth not only do I need grace for salvation, but I need grace for every day in my life. The grace of Jesus is never exhausted.

When you and I need grace in our trials, he gives grace, when we need grace for our struggles in our life he pours more grace into our lives. Even when we need grace for our tongue and we need grace for making things right with God and grace for making things right with others he gives more grace. God does not just say I want to provide you with enough grace to give you and then I’m going to leave you on your own. God understands that you and I are wrestling with the flesh, the devil, and the world and therefore we are in much need of this inexhaustible grace that he makes available to us. Let us not forget that we are not only saved by grace but each of us as believers we live by grace. Many Christians are failing in their life because they are not asking nor are they receiving the grace of God on a daily basis in their life. Because of that, they are living their lives in the flesh. They are being influenced by the world and the devil himself, and thus they are not living a godly life but a worldly life. God is saying I will pour more grace upon the humble.

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